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Tonsils & Adenoids

Tonsils and adenoids are the first line of defense as part of the body’s immune system but they sometimes become infected. At times, they become more of a liability than an asset and may even cause airway obstruction or repeated infections.

Tonsils are the two round lumps in the back of the throat. Adenoids are high in the throat behind the nose and the roof of the mouth (soft palate) and are not visible through the mouth or nose without special instruments.

Bacterial tonsil and adenoid infections are primarily treated with antibiotics. However, chronic infections or other serious problems may require surgery.

Tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies are more commonly performed on children, but occasionally adults may require a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy as well. If you notice prolonged symptoms of infected or enlarged tonsils or adenoids, call our office to schedule an appointment.

Laryngostroboscopic Evaluation of Hoarseness

Laryngeal imaging is frequently used in the assessment of hoarseness, swallowing problems and throat pain. It involves the passage of a small camera through the nostril and down the back of the throat.  It is helpful in identifying and documenting throat cancer and the resolution (or growth) of lesions following treatment. The diagnosis of vocal paralysis (from multiple processes including, thyroid and lung cancer) is also augmented by imaging in many cases.

This technique has a small role in the assessment of hoarseness in singers, where identification of use/abuse lesions (singer's nodules) can help educate the paraprofessional vocal patient in the long-term preservation of vocal quality. Speech pathology has a large role in this patient category.