If you have any questions regarding your patient portal, please contact our office

during normal business hours at 479-439-6110.

Farris Memorial ENT provides this site in partnership with Healow App for the exclusive use of its patients. The patient portal is designed to enhance patient-physician communications and improve patient care and satisfaction.

We strive to keep all of the information in your records correct and complete. If you identify any discrepancy on your record, you agree to notify us immediately. Additionally, by using the patient portal, the user agrees to provide factual and correct information.

In the Patient Portal you can:

  • Email your doctor
  • Request an appointment
  • Request a refill on medication
  • 24/7 access to patient records

The patient portal is not designed to provide internet based diagnostic services.  Also the following limitations apply:

No internet based triage or treatment requests can be made. Diagnosis can only be made and treatment rendered after the patient schedules and sees the provider.

No Emergent communications or services are provided. Any emergency conditions should be seen by urgent care appointment, the Emergency Department of the local hospital, or by calling 911.


You cannot request re-fill medication not currently prescribed by your physician.  No requests for narcotic patient medication will be accepted.

The patient portal is provided as a courtesy to our valued patients. If abuse or negligent usage is suspected, Farris Memorial ENT reserves the right at our own discretion to terminate patient portal offering, suspend user access, or modify services offered through the patient portal.